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Cotton Cheese Cake

Cotton Cheese Cake

Part A

Step A : Measure below and mix well

500g Cream Cheese

50g Sugar

230g Whip Cream (I used Bridel Brand)

( I use FAT FREE Philadelphia Cream Cheese and hubby was so surprise when he did the washing!  ” Mama, Why the pot is oil free?”   For me, the cheesecake turned out to be yummy as I have FAT gyne in my family, but my friend commented that it was not as creamy as the previous cheesecake which I used Regular Philadelphia cream cheese.  So its your choice! )

Part B

Step B: Measure and add to Part A

5 Egg Yolk

120g Plain Flour (I use super fine flour)

1 Lemon zest (*optional)

Part C

Step C: Whisk egg white to form peak white foam

5 Egg Whites cold

100g Sugar

1 tspn Lemon Juice

* This is an important step that used in all sponge cake.

I like to use cold egg whites and started to whisk the egg white till some bubble forms.

Adding small amounts of lemon juice helps to stabilize them and allows the beaten whites to reach their full volume and stiffness.

When foam egg white seen, add in partial sugar and whisk well.  Continue the remaining sugar in foam egg white till stiff peak.

Cranberry Scone

cranberry scone


Part A:

Shifted Plain Flour 200g

Baking Powder 2 tspn (6g)

Unsalted Butter 50g,

Salt 2g (If salted butter was used, Do Not add salt)

Sugar 30g

Part B:

1 egg

Plain yogurt 80g ( or 70g Milk)


1.  2 tpsn Cranberry

2.  2 tspn raisin

3.  2 tspn chocolate chips


1. Used food processor to blend in Part A ingredient.

Note: butter need to be cold.   If no food processor, mix well with hand mixer.

2. Add in all the fluid in Part B and mix well.  Do not over beat. Use about 30 sec to mix all ingredient by hand.

3. Add in optional flavor such as cranberry/raisin/chocolate chips if any.

4. Wrap the batter with clear wrap and store in refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

To enjoy your scone:

5. Preheat oven to 200 C

6. Sprinkler some flour on batter.  Do a triple fold for 3 times and role the batter flat at about 3 cm height.

7. Use a circle cookie cutter to cut out the batter and line on pan.

Note: If no cookie cutter, you may role the batter in silicon shape and cut at 3 cm thickness

8. Bake for 10  minutes or until golden brown.

Coconut and Egg Jam = Kaya


1 Cup Coconut Milk

2 Cups Brown Sugar

8 Eggs

Mix egg, coconut milk, sugar and stir continuously over direct low heat or a double boiler until a jam-like thickness is formed.

** I use 3 hours **

Lemon cookies



150g Butter (Room Temp)
80g Sugar    (1/3 cup)
2 Egg yolk
2Tbspn Lemon juice
2tspn Lemon Zest
220g All purpose Flour  (1 3/4 cup)

1. Beat together sugar with the butter until light yellow and fluffy.
2. Beat in the egg, lemon juice and zest, then gradually blend in the all purpose flour
3. Insert dough in zip lock bag and roll dough flat to fill up the bag
4. Refrigerate zip lock bag at least 2 hours
5. Preheat oven to 380F (~190C)
6. Remove cold dough form bag and cut to 1.5″ x 1.5″ square cookies
7. Lined cookies on pan
8. Use pointed chopstick to emboss pattern on square cookies
9. Sprinkle some castor sugar on square cookies
10.Bake in oven for (approx ~ 12 mins)

Cookies Pattern
1. Rolled cooky dough and cut it to 0.5″ thick circle cookies after refrigerated
2. use cooky cutter to make your desire cooky shape!

Banana Cake

Banan Cake


3 Eggs
75g Sugar (1/3 cup)
3Tbspn Olive Oil
2tspn Milk
1 Ripe Banana (crush)
1/4tspn Lemon Juice
165g Pancake Flour  (1 1/3 cup)
1 tspn Baking Powder

Set oven at 170C (or 340F)

A = eggs + castor sugar
B = Tbspn Olive Oil + Crush Banana + tspn Lemon Juice + tspn Milk
C = A+B
D = C + Pancake Flour + Baking Powder

Pour Batter in tray and bake it!

(Bake approx. ~45 mins)

Note:  Each oven temperature varies, and tray varies too!

Gently insert a toothpick or wooden skewer in the center of the cake.

If it comes out clean or with a few small crumbs on it, the cake is done.

Banana Cake

DIY Pizza Recipe

Homemade Pizza

Pizza Dough Ingredient:

300gm. Bread Flour
1 Tbspn Brown Sugar
1 Tbspn Olive Oil
1 tspn Dry Yeast
1 tspn salt
190cc warm water

(1) Warm water + dry yeast, rest for 5 mins
(2) Add in all the ingredient including Step 1 and knead the dough
(3) Sprinkler some water and cover the dough
(4) Let the dough rise for an hour
** Tips for winter: Heat up a cup of water in microwave for 60sec and then let the dough covered and rise inside the microwave
Redo this as needed but not microwaving your dough!**

(5) Heat the Oven at 200C or ~390F
(6) Divide dough to 4
** 6″ pizza pan makes 4 pizzas **
** 9″ pizza pan makes 2 pizzas **

(7) Role pizza dough flat in circle on pizza pan and rest for 15 mins
(8) Start decorate your pizza with your favorite ingredient
** I use Italian tomato sauce with white button mushrooms, turkey ham slice, sausage slice, Onion **

(9) Do not forget to sprinkler mozzarella cheese as a finishing touch!
** If you have other cheese preference, you could add in too! **

(10)Put your Pizza in oven and bake for 10 mins or until cheese turn golden brown.

Some Ideas to be a chef of your own Pizza:

White mushrooms
Ground chicken breast
All kind of sausages
All kind of bacon
Red/green peppers
Black Olives

Sauces Base:

Pesto cream
Garlic cream

homemade pizza

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