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Wheat Bun for Breakfast


Water roux 100g

1 tspn dry yeast

Bread Flour 250g
1 egg
Wheat Flour 50g
Milk (cold) 80g
Sugar (or Honey) 30g
Butter (or Olive Oil) 30g
¼  tspn salt (ignore this if you use salted butter)


1.  Heat up milk to warm then add yeast and rest for 5 mins (NOTE: Hot milk will kill the yeast)

2.  Mix all ingredients

3.  Continue beat or knead till non sticky (shining surface) and you MUST feel the elasticity of the dough.

Tips: you may use some plain flour to help up if you use hand knead

4.  Sprinkle some water on the dough and cover with damp cloth for proof till double the size

(about 60-90 mins – depends on temperature, yeast active at 30C)


Heat up 2 glass of hot water in microwave and let the covered dough proof  inside the microwave.

Change the hot water regularly.

If you are in a rush, cover the dough – allow some space for proof and fridge your dough for next day use.

This will slow down the proofing process.

5.  Punch the dough and release the air produced during proof.


Poke a hole in the middle of the dough, if the dough sink, that means it is not enough proof

6.  Divide the dough in a small roll and decorate at your preference or roll in meat floss/ham/sausages/cheese.

7.  Egg brush your roll and let it proof for another hour (depends on temperature)

Tips: Cover your roll and prove in the oven at 20 – 30C (refer to tips on step4)

8.  Bake at 160C for 15-18 mins  (Every oven is different, you need to know your oven well)

meat Floss roll

Chinese Meat Floss Wheat Bun

Bread Roll

Chinese Jerky Wheat Bun

Wheat Roll

waiting for proof


Perfect breakfast

Note: You may need a waffle maker for this perfect breakfast!
I never have leftover whenever I make this for breakfast.


Part A

2 Egg Yolks (COLD)

100g  Plain Flour

5g     Sugar

30g   Whipped Cream

120g  Milk

Part B

2 Egg Whites (COLD)

Few drops of lemon juice

20g   Sugar


Part B – Whipped egg white

Part A

1.  Use electric mixer to mix egg yolk and sugar till the color turns white

2.  Add in whipped cream

3.  Add in Shifted flour and milk alternately

4.  Add in a big scoop of whipped egg white (from Part B) and mix well

5.  Add in the rest of the whipped egg white and the waffle batter is ready!

Wheat Toast

20cmX10cmX10cm wheat bread

20cmX10cmX10cm wheat bread

Making bread is my weekly routine now.  Below are my sharing for this.


100g Tang Zhong (water raox)

250g bread flour (high protein flour)

60g wheat flour

30g fine sugar

1 egg

¾ tspn instant yeast

80g cold milk

30g butter

Some plain flour for kneading


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