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Tweethomemade Present Justin 3 Years Old Cupcakes

Cousin Annie place an order for her little boy 3 years old birthday with pixar CARS theme. She designed a pyramid shape with 15 cupcakes where specifically chosen lightning McQueen, Dinoco, and Mack to be placed in the middle of the pyramid.

With this order, I gain more knowledge in getting to know about Pixar CARS others then princesses.

Happy birthday to my nephew – Justin and may he enjoys his cupcakes and CARS…


lightning McQueen

Celebration on New Born

For Chinese custom, a ceremony is held to celebrate a baby turns one month old.  This celebration is named as “Full Moon”

With this celebration, a traditional treats will be given out to friends and relatives where formally introduced the extended family member.

tweethomemade was lucky to receive an order for Aiden full moon treats.

4 cupcakes pack was tweethomemade handmade box with tag.  My first ever tag design using Adobe Photoshop.  A big thanks for my buddy that guide me through a basic knowledge on Adobe Photoshop.  Learn more about her experty in graphic design by visiting  de Happy Gift

Thanks to Chris in giving me no constraint in exploring my passion on art and bake; and welcome Chris to motherhood!

baby shower

baby shower

baby shower

Baby Shower

Its another Sunny Day where all girls get together to do the girls’ thing!

Irene is expecting a baby in July! All girls have the idea to throw her a surprise baby shower!  She decided not to know the gender of her baby, so we choose Yellow and White as the baby shower’s theme.

It was a big challenge to tweethomemade & dehappygifts as yellow and white are a little dull as a combination, luckily it turns out well as a whole presentation!

I had the cupcakes fondant ready during the weekdays and bake a night before.  I try a new recipe from abakecreation and edited to Orange&Chocolate Chip cupcake!

At a very last minutes, I get some ideas from Bird’s Party for straw collars and water bottle wrap.  I intended to find yellow and white snacks but unfortunately, I could not find this good combination and I ended up putting in all the snacks (shortcake cookies, dried mangoes, SUGUS gummies) in a recycle bottles and wrapped with yellow&white Polka Dots print that I learn from dehappygifts.  I also manage to buy yellow and white tic-tac as a goodies for everyone!  The preparation was done a day before the event and I enjoy doing this crafting thingy…

tweethomemade welcome the new born and welcome Irene to motherhood…

You will enjoy each and every moment as they are rewarding…

Baby Shower Cupcakes = Orange & choco Chips Cupcakes

Welcome Mommy Irene

All the girls said that they are the best fondant among all

Some Snacks for baby shower…

More Snacks…

I think They are really Cute! (water bottle wrappers & Straw Collars)

Birthday Challenge!

I got this request 3 days in advance with a list of design spec:

1. To celebrate 4 family members Birthday in May that is (Mom, sister, brother and her own daughter)

2. To celebrate Mothers’ Day

3. Mom loves to cook

4. Wei- Sister loves beauty

5. Sing- Brother loves to play Angry Bird, Basketball and a Coke collector

6. Xian- Daughter loves Hello Kitty

Putting everything in a 9pcs cupcakes looks compact but i like this challenge!

Angry Bird and Kitty are the most satisfied Figurine I have ever made!

Enjoy Viewing!

Mommy Day

Never know how great was Mom until I became a Mom!

She has to be Full of Patience

She has to be Kind

She has to be Protective

She has to be Supportive

She has to be Punctual

She has to be Responsible

She has to Sacrifice

and all of this are called LOVE!

Loves from a Mom are the greatest…

Happy Mothers’ Day to all Mom!

You deserve a Big hugs and Kisses!

May all Mom Live Happily Ever After!


Tiramisu recipe


400g Heavy Whip cream
4 egg yolk
1 whole egg
100g fine sugar
500g mascarpone cheese

300g hot water
80g sugar
4 tsp instant coffee
2 Tbsp Kahlua *optional

2.5 tsp gelatine powder
80g water

1.  400g Whip cream till soft peak and store in refrigerator
** This is important! DO NOT over beat whip cream till a saturation of liquid oil and fats observed **

2.  4 egg yolk + 1 whole egg + 100g fine sugar and mix till light
** Recommend fresh egg used as this is a no bake dessert **

3.  Add 500g mascarpone cheese to #2 and store in refrigerator

Prepare Coffee syrup for finger biscuit

4. Coffee Syrup = 300g hot water + 80g sugar + 4 tsp instant coffee + 2 Tbsp Kahlua  (let it cool at a site)

5. 2.5 tsp gelatine powder + 80g water and water bath till powder resolve (let is cool at a site and blend in #3)

6. Dip finger biscuit in Coffee syrup and lined in pan.

7. Pour mascapone cheese batter from Item#5 on finger biscuit that already dip in Coffee syrup.
** I use different size of plastic container **

8. Cool the dessert in refrigerator for at least 3 hours and enjoy your tiramisu with dust of coca powder on top!

Part A = Whipped 150 g Cold Whipped Cream + 15g Fine Sugar

** Store in Fridge

Part B = 2 tbspn Instant Coffee + 80g Hot Water + 15g sugar + 2 tbspn Kahlua + 2 tbspn Brandy + 2 tbspn Rum

** Cool aside

Part C = 3 Egg Yolk + 15g Sugar + 50g Kahlua

** Boil water.  Put Part C over the steam from boiling water and mix it till bubble (it takes ~10 mins)

Part D = Whipped 2 Egg White + 30g Sugar + 1 tspn lemon juice

Part E = Mixed Room temp 250g  Mascarpone Cheese + Part C + Part A + Part D

** Remember to follow the sequence

Final combination

1.  Dipped finger biscuit in Part B and fully line up on the base of the pan

2.  Spread half of Part E over Step 1

3.  Repeat Step 1 & Step 2

4.  Sprinkle Coca powder for finishing touch

5.  Store in refrigerator at least 6 hours before serving

Luxury Cake – Chanel

chanel cake

A SURPRISE Birthday party was carried out at Malihom, Balik Pulau.  It is a private estate which own by a millionaires I presume.  This Birthday party was arranged by Peter for his lovely wife!  We are supposed to reach the private estate 30mins earlier in order to prepare a SURPRISE for Ming.  My hubby missed the turning to Malihom and we ended up at Balik Pulau city, in fact, it was at the midway to Balik Pualu route and we had to make another turn back to this private estate.

Decoration by : dehappygifts

Florist by : touches production

Cake by: tweethomemade

Malihom is definitely an escape from City life!

It has a stunning and uninterrupted panoramas and immense by breathtaking views.

After the arrival of the birthday Girl, we enjoy the sunset overlook Penang City.  All guest enjoy the dinner, food, wine, laughter and definitely my Rum & Raisin Chanel Cake.

Picture Gallery * Chanel Cake * for my Special friend – Ming


Chanel Bag Cake

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