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Mommy Day

Never know how great was Mom until I became a Mom!

She has to be Full of Patience

She has to be Kind

She has to be Protective

She has to be Supportive

She has to be Punctual

She has to be Responsible

She has to Sacrifice

and all of this are called LOVE!

Loves from a Mom are the greatest…

Happy Mothers’ Day to all Mom!

You deserve a Big hugs and Kisses!

May all Mom Live Happily Ever After!

Apple CraZEe

Why is everybody craze for apple product??

I got my first apple product – iPhone on Dec 2007.  It was a birthday present from my hubby.  I remembered I wasn’t impressed by a huge phone that could not fit in my clutch!

I told my hubby that I only need a phone that can call, send messages and take pictures! I do not need a Palm!  I do not need a complicated phone!  That’s all my complaint when I have it…

after a week of using it, I admit that I’m addicted to iPhone!  It definitely is a good pal for me!  Im still using the same OLD iphone – generation1 until today March 2011.  I couldn’t live without my iPhone for sure!

It wakes me up every morning! It updates my status in Facebook! It took my pictures and send it out for FREE tru Whatsapp! It reads story books for my daughter! Its a toy for my daughter while Im driving! Its a toy for me while Im waiting for my daughter’s ballet class!  And so much more…

My recent order – iPhone cupcakes are definitely a big challenge for me!  And I never forget to to include a cool apple box for this KooL gadget!

iphone cupcake

iphone cupcake

iphone cupcake box

iphone cupcake box

Marry Me?

Yes I Do…


This is the sweetest moment where two lovely couple commit with their life partner to begin with a new chapter in life.

The cake was ordered for Catherine’s Birthday Celebration.  Then her bf decided to proposed on that day and I was asked to amend the figurine to have him bend down for proposing, of course including a box with ring!

Congratulations Catherine!

May you have a blessed Marriage… Luv Tweet

marry me cake

marry me box

Cheers for beers


Top 10 beer list from

1. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
2. Fuller’s ESB – Bitter
3. Samuel Smith’s Taddy Porter – Porter
4. Pilsner Urquell – Bohemian Pilsner
5. Guiness – Dry Stout
6. German Pils
7. Paulaner Hefe-Weizen
8. Thunderhead IPA – India Pale Ale
9. Hoegaarden – Belguim White
10. Chimay Trappist Ales

Do you know any of these top 10 list?
Guess I only know 30% of the beer listed above.


Happy Family

I made this family cupcake last August while my dad celebrated his 75th Birthday.

I used to have the whole family members that include 13 family members.

5 members from my big brother; 3 family members from my sister and another 3 family members from myself.

When the party was over… the kids were too excited about their own figurine, after some playing, those figurine have to stay in the trash…

I manage to kept some for photo shooting purposes as a good memories…

we LoVe you Dad!

Lemon Cupcakes – Pink & Purple

Getting married is always sweet…

This is my recent order for Bridal Shower – Pink & Purple! What a best color combination!

Cindy – customer asked for lemon flavor and I found this recipe

Lemon Cupcakes (makes regular 12 cupcakes – 2.5″)

A = 114g butter (1 stick) + 120g sugar (1/2 cup)

B = 1 tbspn lemon zest + 1/2 tspn lemon juice

C = 2 large eggs

D = (144g plain flour + 1 tspn baking powder + 1 tspn corn flour) + 100g milk alternately

Or convert to metrics

D = (1 1/4 cup plain flour + 1 tspn baking powder + 1 tspn corn flour) + 1/2 cup milk alternately

Making cupcake is as easy as A B C D…

A Day to Celebrate – Wedding Anniversary

on Valentine's DayFEB 14 – Valentine’s Day.

My friend starts to ask if I will have any cupcakes for sale on this Special event.  I was so busy with CNY celebration which I do not intend to stretch myself for Valentine’s Day.

A week before Valentine’s Day,  I had some left over cupcakes from CNY and I started to decorate with   –  I ♥ U so that I can post something for my blog.  Right after I posted the picture at Facebook-tweethomemade , friends started to ask if they could place order?  hmm… why not?

One of my high school friend would like to prepare her celebration for Wedding Anniversary that falls on Valentine’s Day and she asked for my recommendation.  So I immediately look at her facebook photo and get all related information and proposed a family cupcakes include herself – Evian, hubby and her new born – Annabel, and not to forgot to place their wedding date on this mini cake.  A White cake box is rather boring, so I gave a simple touch on the box. (The complete package is still with me, i do hope that i can put a smile on her face when i deliver to her this evening!)

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Anniversary to Evian & WC

Happy Chinese New Year * 新春快乐 *

When I was a little kids, Iwas very excited with Chinese New Year(CNY) arrival.  I always wonder why CNY never falls on 1st of Jan on every year yet I need to wait for days (normally a month later according to Lunar Calendar).  I do enjoy on the waiting period as most family will do housekeeping, making cookies /cake, new year shopping for new cloths and shoes (it does not apply to me since I go to college as I shop every week) >_<

To make this period more enjoyable, I came up with the CNY gift pack and I posted up the picture at facebook – tweethomemade, as a results I got 5 orders coming in.

Tweethomemade – CNY Pack ( See picture below):

1.  Gift Pack with tweet-handmade personalized gift box- RM30 (4 cupcakes with Chinese slogan)

2.  Twin Pack with tweet-handmade personalized gift box- RM20 (2 cupcakes with fondant deco)

3.  6″  Diameter pound cake – RM18 ( Choose from Rum&Raisin; Orange; Vanilla; Chocolate )

If you are from Penang, I’m glad to take your order. Email me :

祝: 新春快乐 ♥ 年年有余 ♥ 身体建康 ♥ 恭贺新喜 ♥ 万事顺心 ♥ 恭喜发财 ♥ 大吉大利 ♥ 吉祥如意 ♥ 平安和蔼 ♥ 恭喜恭喜

Run&Raisin pound Cake

My Best friend Bridal Shower

It was a busy December 2010.  I have to attend lots of wedding dinner all in a role during most of the weekends, and of course a bridal shower from my closest friend – Ming.

All the girls gather together to discuss on this bridal shower and yes, this is our first bridal shower ever.  There are a total of 10 girls including the brides to be – Ming Fen.  We had the event at BAGAN@Penang and the theme of the day is black and pink! So everything have to be Black and Pink, including our clothing, cupcakes – , favors -  We also have a list of activities such as dinner, gift opening, games for the bride to be and all are recorded by a professional photographers from

Bridal Shower Cupcakes
Bridal Shower Cupcakes Tier


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