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Lemon Cupcakes – Pink & Purple

Getting married is always sweet…

This is my recent order for Bridal Shower – Pink & Purple! What a best color combination!

Cindy – customer asked for lemon flavor and I found this recipe

Lemon Cupcakes (makes regular 12 cupcakes – 2.5″)

A = 114g butter (1 stick) + 120g sugar (1/2 cup)

B = 1 tbspn lemon zest + 1/2 tspn lemon juice

C = 2 large eggs

D = (144g plain flour + 1 tspn baking powder + 1 tspn corn flour) + 100g milk alternately

Or convert to metrics

D = (1 1/4 cup plain flour + 1 tspn baking powder + 1 tspn corn flour) + 1/2 cup milk alternately

Making cupcake is as easy as A B C D…


Perfect breakfast

Note: You may need a waffle maker for this perfect breakfast!
I never have leftover whenever I make this for breakfast.


Part A

2 Egg Yolks (COLD)

100g  Plain Flour

5g     Sugar

30g   Whipped Cream

120g  Milk

Part B

2 Egg Whites (COLD)

Few drops of lemon juice

20g   Sugar


Part B – Whipped egg white

Part A

1.  Use electric mixer to mix egg yolk and sugar till the color turns white

2.  Add in whipped cream

3.  Add in Shifted flour and milk alternately

4.  Add in a big scoop of whipped egg white (from Part B) and mix well

5.  Add in the rest of the whipped egg white and the waffle batter is ready!

A Day to Celebrate – Wedding Anniversary

on Valentine's DayFEB 14 – Valentine’s Day.

My friend starts to ask if I will have any cupcakes for sale on this Special event.  I was so busy with CNY celebration which I do not intend to stretch myself for Valentine’s Day.

A week before Valentine’s Day,  I had some left over cupcakes from CNY and I started to decorate with   –  I ♥ U so that I can post something for my blog.  Right after I posted the picture at Facebook-tweethomemade , friends started to ask if they could place order?  hmm… why not?

One of my high school friend would like to prepare her celebration for Wedding Anniversary that falls on Valentine’s Day and she asked for my recommendation.  So I immediately look at her facebook photo and get all related information and proposed a family cupcakes include herself – Evian, hubby and her new born – Annabel, and not to forgot to place their wedding date on this mini cake.  A White cake box is rather boring, so I gave a simple touch on the box. (The complete package is still with me, i do hope that i can put a smile on her face when i deliver to her this evening!)

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Anniversary to Evian & WC