Marble CheeseCake

Its a moody day. Probably baking a cheesecake will bright up my Day!

chocolate cheeseCake

(A) Biscuit base (8” round pan)

140g Oreo Crush

70g Butter melted

1 Tbspn Fine Sugar


1. Preheat oven at 120 C

2. Use food processor and pulse when biscuit have fine crumbs

3. Mix well for biscuit crumbs + Melted butter + fine Sugar in 8” round pan

4. Use fondant smoother to flatten the biscuit crumbs on the round pan

(tips: use any bottle or cups that has flat surface on the bottom to press and smooth the biscuit base)

5. Bake in 120C oven for 10 mins and cool at aside

(B) Preparation Work – Measuring Ingredient

20g Butter (room temp)

15g Plain Flour

20g Fine Sugar

30g Plain Yogurt or Sour Cream

400g Cream Cheese (room temp)

1 Tbspn Brandy (Optional)

3 egg yolk – COLD (Separated from egg white)

70g cocoa powder + 1 Tbspn cocoa powder

(C) Foam Egg White

3 egg white – COLD

60g Fine Sugar

1 tspn Lemon Juice

Pinch of salt


Bowl and electronic mixer/ beaters need to be clean and dry

No Oil residue or a little hint of yolk in the whites

Steps :

1. Pinch of Salt + 3 egg white

2. Beat cold egg white to form bubbles at low speed

3. Add in lemon juice and continue to beat and form white foam

4. Add in ½ of 60g sugar and continue beat at high speed

5. Continue to add in the rest of sugar and continue to beat to form stiff peak

(D) Cream Cheese Batter (from B)

1. Preheat oven 200C

2. Use electric mixer to beat well Cream Cheese + Sugar

3. Add in egg yolk  + shifted plain flour + Butter +  Brandy + Yogurt

Note: add in one ingredient at a time and blend well

4. Mix half of the white egg foam in cream cheese batter and mix well

5. Mix in another half of the white egg foam and mix well

6. Pour in cream cheese batter on the biscuit base that prepared on A

7. Remain half batter and add in shifted cocoa powder 70g. Mix well and pour in Step#6

8. Scope 2 Tbspn from Step#7 and add in additional 1 Tbspn cocoa power. Mix well and pour on top of the batter

9. Use a toothpick to draw horizontal lines follow by verticle lines to make pattern on the surface

10. Water bath by bake in a bigger pan that contain hot water

Note: make sure the container has enough hot water. Adding water during baking will cause cheese cake breaks due to temp fluctuate

11. Bake in 200C for 10 mins then 160C for 40 mins

12. Chill cheese cake for 3-4 hours in fridge

13. To remove cheese cake from mold, dip knife in hot water, wipe it dry and run the knife around the cake. Repeat as needed

Tips: use a tall cup that contain hot water to dip knife and prepare a towel to wipe the knife

14. Cover cheesecake with plastic wrap, place a flat dish over the cheesecake mold and turn over the cheesecake to remove mold

Tips: Use big chopping board as a flat dish

15. Place a serving plate on the new top of cheesecake (which is the biscuit bottom)

16. In one swift movement, flip the cheesecake again to transfer the cake from the flat dish to the serving plate

17. Remove plastic wrap and serve cold

Reminder: Always dip sharp knife in hot water when slicing the cheesecake, repeat this as needed.

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