It’s Hello Kitty Week

Hello Kitty is always my all time favorite.

There you goes, a Kitty request of cupcakes and cake came in the same time!

The first request for Kitty Cake was kids friendly birthday cake and I decided to make it a candy cake (*Since candy Crush is a fever in Asia)
I bought a kitty mold and molded the lovely Kitty.  Then the cake was decorated with 2D fondant of candy, lollipop, ice cream, cupcakes and finish up with some yellow sprinklers!

The second Kitty cake was a much simpler one that I made it up for my friend’s belated birthday party.  Its a simple 1kg cake that given her a huge surprise and brighten up her day!

The third kitty cupcakes was another baby girl turning 1 year old!  She requested a 3D Kitty and I decided to mold in Kitty friends – Melody and a teddy bear.

Kitty Candy Cake

Happy Birthday Kitty

Hello Kitty cupcake

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