Cotton Cheese Cake

Cotton Cheese Cake

Part A

Step A : Measure below and mix well

500g Cream Cheese

50g Sugar

230g Whip Cream (I used Bridel Brand)

( I use FAT FREE Philadelphia Cream Cheese and hubby was so surprise when he did the washing!  ” Mama, Why the pot is oil free?”   For me, the cheesecake turned out to be yummy as I have FAT gyne in my family, but my friend commented that it was not as creamy as the previous cheesecake which I used Regular Philadelphia cream cheese.  So its your choice! )

Part B

Step B: Measure and add to Part A

5 Egg Yolk

120g Plain Flour (I use super fine flour)

1 Lemon zest (*optional)

Part C

Step C: Whisk egg white to form peak white foam

5 Egg Whites cold

100g Sugar

1 tspn Lemon Juice

* This is an important step that used in all sponge cake.

I like to use cold egg whites and started to whisk the egg white till some bubble forms.

Adding small amounts of lemon juice helps to stabilize them and allows the beaten whites to reach their full volume and stiffness.

When foam egg white seen, add in partial sugar and whisk well.  Continue the remaining sugar in foam egg white till stiff peak.

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