Rainbow Party

It has been years that Joanne wanted a birthday party for herself.  Whenever I had cake orders, she will ask if I will made her a similar cake for her upcoming birthday?  Unfortunately, her birthday cake will ended up with an off shelf purchase cake.

The last birthday party that Joanne had was while she was 4 years old.  After that was just a family celebration.

This year, she was begging again and again for a birthday party so that she can invite all her best friend from school.  To be rewarded with a birthday party, the rules was to score all “A” in her 4th semester exam.  In order to hep her in getting all “As”, the mom played a big role!  I bought many reference exercises; I also have to make sure that she had her dinner on time after school so that she can start her study/homework early before falling asleep at 9pm.  Joanne and myself went trough a tough time and her results had rewarded her with a Rainbow Theme Birthday Party!

marshmallow cake

rainbow cake

rainbow Party

rainbow party

colorful dessert table

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