Perfect breakfast

Note: You may need a waffle maker for this perfect breakfast!
I never have leftover whenever I make this for breakfast.


Part A

2 Egg Yolks (COLD)

100g  Plain Flour

5g     Sugar

30g   Whipped Cream

120g  Milk

Part B

2 Egg Whites (COLD)

Few drops of lemon juice

20g   Sugar


Part B – Whipped egg white

Part A

1.  Use electric mixer to mix egg yolk and sugar till the color turns white

2.  Add in whipped cream

3.  Add in Shifted flour and milk alternately

4.  Add in a big scoop of whipped egg white (from Part B) and mix well

5.  Add in the rest of the whipped egg white and the waffle batter is ready!

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