All About Flour

All Purpose Flour (Plain Flour) 低筋面粉

The name from it will definitely tell you that you can use it for all purpose.

I would say all purpose flour is close to “plain flour” .  you can use it for almost any baking purposes.

In the market, you can find bleached and unbleached label.

Bleached flour has less protein and is suitable for making crust or cookies.

Unbleached flour are naturally bleached where is good for making pastry, pudding, cream, cake.

Whole -wheat Flour (Whole-meal Flour) 全麥面粉

It contains higher fiber and more nutrient as it has whole kernel wheat that mixed with plain flour.

Due to the presence of wheat germs, it is advice to store wheat flour tightly sealed and preferable refrigerator.

High Protein Flour(Bread Flour) 高筋面粉

High Protein means high gluten content in flour.  This flour is suitable for making yeast bread.

Self-Rising Flour 自发面粉

Self Rising Flour is plain flour with salt and baking powder content.  Normally will be suitable for muffin, cakes or biscuits.

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