White Toast


White toast















375g bread flour

30g sugar

240g fresh milk

1 tsp instant yeast

20g butter

white toast = (bread flour+sugar+yeast+ fresh milk) + butter


1. Mix and knead bread flour, sugar, yeast and fresh milk to a dough

2. Add butter and continue knead till dough look shinny

3. Shape to a ball and let it prove till double size

tips: heat a cup of water for 1 min in microwave then only put dough in microwave and let prove till double size. This will reduce the waiting time

4. Release the air in dough and separate dough to half

5. Spread some butter on toast box

6. Roll the dough and arrange in a cover toast box

7. Let the dough prove again and fill up 90% of toast box ( the will take about 45 mins)

tips: same method by putting toast box in heated microwave and a cup of water.

warning: DO NOT microwave the dough!

8. Bake in a preheat oven 180c for 30 mins


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